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We are the oldest family-owned company in Novi Sad. Presently the company includes Dragomir and Đorđe Ivković, father and son, keepers of Ivković family tradition. Our vocation is making luxury leather objects.

The history of present-day Art Bookbinding and Design Studio started in 1789, when Emanuel Janković had founded the first printing house in Novi Sad, which at the time was owned by a prominent member of Novi Sad community, Arsa Pajević. In 1895 the printing house was bought from Arsa Pajević by his best man Đorđe Ivković (1858-1920), the founder and establisher of present-day Art Bookbinding and Design Studio Ivković.

The tradition of family firm was continued by Đorđe Ivković’s son, Arsa Ivković (1898-1969), who increased the scope of business and, as the owner of printing house, book bindery and stationery store, used to employ over 120 skilled craftsman. He learned the basics of his craft at Debrecin, and after the First World War he continued his professional development in Leipzig and later in Vienna, Budapest, Munich, and Rome where he also learned the skill of restoration of old books. Due to the exceptional quality of his work, Arsa Ivković had earned the awards at the International Exhibitions of Bookbinding Works at London (1929) and Paris (1931).

The family tradition was then continued by Dragomir Ivković, B.S. in Biology and the artistic bookbinder and book restorer. As a member of Association of Applied Arts Artists of Vojvodina, he also presents his works in one-man and collective exhibitions. Following the tradition of his father Arsa Ivković, from whom he learned the knowledge of his trade, his further professional development took him to the famous Institute for Book Pathology “Alfonso Gallo” in Rome, as well as into the United States of America where he used to work at the Congress Library in Washington and in the Union League of Philadelphia Rare Books. Therefore the one of specialties of Art Bookbinding and Design Studio Ivković includes restoration and conservation of leather, parchment and paper, as well as the fine hand-made unique binding of books and relief modeling of leather.

As a B.S. management engineer, Đorđe Ivković, the representative of fourth generation of Ivković family, introduced the modern approach not only in business type of this firm but also in increase with assortment of various leather objects. With the ideal combination of in time confirm production techniques and modern materials and design, as well as the attractively arranged business space, he brought a modern look to Art Bookbinding and Design Studio that has the reliable strongpoint through over two centuries of tradition.

Store facilities

The Art Bookbinding and Design Studio Ivković represents one of rare monuments of traditional culture in synergy with modern trends. Our store facilities are among the oldest business objects in center of City of Novi Sad.

The store is situated within the family house of Ivković family, adorning the pedestrian zone of Dunavska St. for more than 225 years.


High level of professionalism in work, approachability and politeness toward the service users were not unnoticed in general public either, as evidenced by numerous articles, reviews and comments published in written and electronic media.

We often receive distinguished recognitions and important awards, as our business philosophy is based on continuous maintaining of the highest quality standards for hand-made products.

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