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In historical context, book binding originated from the need to protect and permanently preserve writings and most diverse texts. Therefore the binding never ceases to be the object of interest of all those who write and make books, but also those who perform creative visual expression in order to call attention to the work, in this case the book.

The original feature of this bookbinding firm is uniting the art and the craft, so each product is original and recognizable.

In addition to book binding, we also perform restoration and conservation through a combination of proven traditional methods and modern technology. Conservation and restoration are always done by hand, using appropriate materials of top quality, and the quality of our services is evidenced by more than two centuries of existence of our firm.

Expert restoration and conservation

Expert restoration and conservation of binding in old books, leather, paper and parchment, through application of knowledge acquired in renowned world institutes and laboratories for conservation, enables healing, repair and new life to old and valuable books and documents.

Fine leather binding

Binding into leather covers or covers with combination of leather and other materials, performed by the traditional method of this old craft, is characterized by elegance and quality.

Fine binding - Other materials






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